What are Walmart Pharmacy Hours? Open & Close Timings

Walmart has possessed great fame in the international retail community. But that is not all; Walmart has got its pharmacy too from where you can purchase your daily medicines according to Walmart pharmacy hours. Walmart pharmacy is under the Department of Pharmacy, Health and Wellness in which many other services are mentioned separately for understanding better by the customers.

Walmart pharmacy hours

Besides purchasing medicines, one can also get services like Covid – 19 vaccines, Flu shot, Digital vaccine record, Refill Rx, At home Covid – 19 testing, ReliOn insulin, Diabetes care, vision center, insurance services, etc and many more.

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What are Walmart Pharmacy Hours? Timings

Walmart’s reputation speaks everything. As medicines are one of the essential things, therefore, most of the Walmart’s pharmacy or supercenters are operated on 24 hours basis, and depending on the customers’ requirements, the opening and closing timings vary.

  • So what time does Walmart pharmacy open? As stated before, medicines are considered as an essential thing, so most of Walmart’s pharmacy stores are open 24X7, and some of them which are located in remote areas, open at 7 am.
  • And what time does Walmart pharmacy close? As most of its stores are operated 24X7, so there are not any closing time except those, which are situated in a remote area. Remote location stores generally close at 12 pm (midnight).
  • Walmart always makes sure that the employees get decent lunch duration.  Walmart pharmacy lunch hours are at least 30 minutes (minimum).
  • And Walmart pharmacy hours Sunday is from 10.30 am to 6 pm and Walmart pharmacy hours Monday is from 9 am to 9 pm.

How Does Walmart Pharmacy Work?

Walmart has made it easy for customers to purchase medicines by turning its stores into pharmacy–made easy stores. One needs to order the needed medicines, the stores in charge will get them ready in the given time, and at that time the customer will be able to pick their medicines without any delay or inconveniences.

Further, if the customers cannot pick the medicines by themselves for any reason, they can opt for delivery at their doorsteps.

Does Walmart Pharmacy Have App?

Yes, of course. From April 2021 Walmart gave access to their customers to the new features through their own mobile app from where one can do their refilling of prescriptions on the go.

  • One can refill their prescription through Walmart app either by completing few steps or by scanning the label of prescription bottle’s.
  • The app holders can also refill even if they do not have any account with Walmart, also they can check their order history, numbers of spared refills, date of expiry of their prescriptions, etc.
  • Walmart is offering the generic prescription service for $4.

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Can I Refill My Walmart Prescription Online?

One can now refill their prescriptions online by simply just following few steps –

  • Create a Walmart pharmacy account (Or if you already have an account then just verify it following the necessary procedures on Walmart’s official website.).
  • After creating an account of Walmart Pharmacy, open the Walmart Wellness app from your mobile.
  • A signing in page will open, there fill in the necessary inputs (registered email address and password) and click on sign in.
  • Select Medications and then select Manage option. There you will be given many medications name, and choose as per your necessity.
  • Keep scrolling down until you see ‘Walmart Pharmacy Services’, tap on it.
  • A list will open providing various fields regarding refilling prescriptions and prescription history.


So now that Walmart has got Pharmacy, why go anywhere else! Just download the app or visit your nearest store to avail the benefits.

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