Walmart TV Return Policy | Terms & Conditions【2022 Updated】

Walmart TV return policy is what you need to know about, if you are looking for one or are planning to return one. Televisions are big purchases. A home is incomplete without them. Here, you will find your guide on “Walmart Television Return Policy” and the “Terms & Conditions” needed for you to do so.

Walmart TV return policy

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What is Walmart TV Return Policy?

Walmart provides returns on TV sets of brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Hisense, Sharp, etc. Through Walmart return policy on Tvs, customers will be eligible to return television sets within 30 days of purchasing. Given, the item should be in Good Condition and should have the Accessories that it came with, for example remote, frame, legs and most importantly, the receipt.

You don’t require the original packaging box to do so. TV return policy is applicable on All LED, OLED, and QLED TVs, so if you are looking to return either of them, your choices are endless. To know more about the Walmart TV Return Policy which extends over 30 days period, keep on reading!

Walmart Accept Returns Past 30 Days Window?

Is Walmart accepting returns? “Returns of the televisions to Walmart, should be done within the 30 days of purchasing it. If you wish to return or exchange the item within this time frame, it is hassle-free but beyond it may be stressful, both to you and the Walmart staff you are dealing with.”

But in case you are unable to make the return within the 30 days, you can visit any other Near Walmart store which has relaxed policies on returns and are willing to escalate the time frame. Or else, you can talk to any Walmart Store Manager regarding the concern.

If you feel that your TV is eligible for a return and the store manager is not willing to assist you, you can lodge a formal complaint against them at the Walmart Headquarters, about the store which is not willing to accept the return.

In this case, the store manager is inclined to accept your request but it is best to go with the process politely and respectfully.

Does Walmart Accept TV Returns without Original Box?

Yes, according to the Walmart return policy, customers can return TV to the store without original packaging Box, that it came with, but the only criteria they have to meet is having the receipt and making sure that they are returning the TV within 30 days of purchase.

Terms & Conditions to Return a TV at Walmart

Walmart return policy, demands the TV to be in its original condition. It should have no marks or damage done to it. It should have all the accessories it was provided with included during the return. Only with available items, like remote and TV legs, it will be considered for refund or exchange.

Returns on Refurbished TVs Accepted in Walmart?

Walmart applies similar terms and conditions applicable for brand new products for a refurbished one as well. It means that a customer will be able to return the refurbished TV set, within the window of 30 days of purchase, but only when it meets the following criterion such as having all the accessories that came with it, along with a receipt, only then it will be considered for refund or exchange.

Incase, TV was purchased from a third-party seller on website, the return request should be made to the individual vendor itself as Walmart isn’t responsible for it.

Does Walmart Accept Returns without Receipt?

Yes. Sometimes, Walmart may allow TVs to be returned without the receipts but this depends on the store manager’s decision. If the return is made within 30 days of purchase, the return will be accepted, as in this case, the customers are only eligible for an exchange or store credit.

Make sure that, when you bring your Television for return, carry its original packaging with it, along with reference IDs like the bank statement or the issued government ID. It is to help with easier and convenient returns.

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Is a Damaged TV Allowed to Return?

According to the Walmart return policy TV, the chances of Walmart accepting a damaged TV is very less. Nonetheless, the extent of the damage should be made on the manufacturer’s end. If TV set came damaged out of the box, as a result of poor workmanship or mishandling, it is bound to be accepted for a return.

It is clearly mentioned in the return policy of Walmart that it will issue an exchange or a full refund in case the product came damaged from the packaging itself. But if your television is damaged as a result of your misuse, then it is not responsibility of Walmart and it will not accept return, even if you are in the possession of the Walmart Protection Plan.

Therefore, be sure to be careful while installation and handling. If the product drops or even develops a crack, it is going to be marked as damaged and will definitely not be accepted for a return.


Walmart TV Return Policy is very generous to their customers. As long as your TV is in a good condition, the accessories it came with are included, the barcode is undamaged and most importantly, receipt is present, you will be eligible for returns, as long as they are made within a 30-day window. This time period can be stretched if your reasons are valid.

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