What Time Does Costco Gas Hours Start? Find Costco Nearby?

Costco gas hours exists as a part of many incredible services provided by Costco Wholesale Corporation. Costco being the fifth largest retailer globally provides various services such as Costco Pharmacy, Costco Auto Program, Costco Travel, etc. It is a never-ending list and Costco Gas Station stands out in terms of its affordability.

Costco Gas Hours

This article shall cover every little detail about Costco Gas Hours such as How to use Costco gas? How to locate Costco Gas Station? How much is gas at Costco? Let’s find out.

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Costco Gas Hours | Does Costco have Gas?

Yes, Costco includes gas as a part of everyday essentials. You can always drive towards the nearest Costco Gas Station to get your tank filled. That too at a price much more affordable than the rest in the market. Costco offers Kirkland Signature gas to its customers. It is labeled as ‘Top Tier’ gasoline which means that it fulfills the additive requirements of the US Government.

Gas at Costco not just maintains its quality but also has detergent additives that keep the engines of your car clean each time you fill the tank. It is approved by EPA. Besides considering its quality, it is also important to know the price of Costco gasoline which will be discussed later.

What Time Does Costco Gas Hours Start?

Though Costco does not offer a 24/7 fuelling service, it opens up at as early as 6 am between Monday- Friday and at 7 am on Saturdays and Sundays. 

What Time Does Costco Gas Hours End?

9:00 pm is the standard time at which Costco gas hours end for the day. During the weekends, Costco shuts down its gas stations by 7:00 pm or latest by 8:00 pm.

What’s the Price of Gas at Costco?

The price of gas at Costco is almost 30 cents less than its market competitors. But why is gas at Costco so reasonable? It is because of the unique relationship that Costco maintains with its customers. The membership model adopted by Costco enables it to make a profit up to 75% which is why it gives away gas at a much cheaper price.

In order to get the best price, keep the following things in mind:

  • Know the prices beforehand. You must check the day’s price at which other sellers are offering. You may use apps like GasBuddy to know compare the prices with Costco gas price.
  • Locate the nearest Costco Gas station because it is unworthy to travel miles to get a discount of just 30 cents when you can save the money and purchase the gas from a nearby location instead.
  • Afternoons are the best time to get your tank filled from Costco. But make sure to know the gas hours of that specific Costco gas station. For your convenience, we will briefly discuss about its hours of operation in one of the subsequent sections.
  • Costco Membership Card is important for you to avail the discounts at the Costco gas station.
  • Costco Visa Card is also important because each member can get 4% cashback on purchasing $7,000 gasoline per year. After that, it is followed by a cashback of 1% per year.

How to Get Gas at Costco?

The first and foremost thing to be understood about Costco gas hours is that the chain does not accept cash for gasoline purchase. It is because the Costco gas stations are based on a self-serve model. It has incorporated the ‘pay-at-the-pump’ technology to make it more convenient and less time taking for the customers.

Though they accept MasterCard, Canadian Debit Cards, it is more beneficial for a customer to opt for a personal Costco Membership Card. The Costco Membership card costs between $60 to $120 for one year. It depends upon the kinds of benefits you would like to avail.

This is also called the Gold Star membership which gives you two cards, one belongs to the cardholder and the other to someone close/ relative. The Executive Membership card costs more than $120 and likewise includes two cards. It has options for special discounts and savings, 2% rewards, insurance plans, etc.

You can get 4% cashback only if you have an additional Costco Anywhere VisaCard.

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How to Use Costco gas?

If you are a new Costco member and is confused about how to use Costco gas, here are a few simple steps we would like you to take note of:

  1. Drive up to your nearest Costco gas station.
  2. While entering, punch your Costco Membership Card at the gate. The card will be verified to check if it is active.
  3. Once Costco identifies you as an active member, you will have to insert your payment card. It can be your Costco Shop Card or Costco Anywhere Visa Card or even your Debit Card.
  4. Select the fuel grade and pay for it.
  5. Get your car fuelled up.
  6. Don’t forget to take the receipt and you are good to take off.

If you do not have a membership, use your Costco Shop Card and call up the attendant at the station for further assistance.

How to find Costco Nearby?

Use the Store Locator on www.costco.com. On entering the zip code or name of city or state, a list of Costco warehouse locations will be displayed. You can see a little icon indicating a gas pump. Click on the icon and the list of Costco gas stations along with the gas price will appear. You can get the detailed directions of the specific Costco gas station as well.


These were absolutely all the facts stated about Costco Gas Hours in a nutshell. We hope this article has been able to answer all your queries. For more detailed information, you can always refer to the official website of Costco. Do come back here for more!

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