Wells Fargo Hours | What Does Well Fargo Hours Offers?

Wells Fargo Hours is said to serve every one out of three households in United States. It is one among the top five banks in USA. Spread across more than 5000 branches, it helps its customers to maintain their financial health and transactions. It has over 13,000 ATMs. With assets worth $1.9 trillion, it’s likely for the customers to assume that the bank operates on a 24-hour basis. However, it is not so.

Wells Fargo Hours

Therefore, this article shall give you an in-depth view of Wells Fargo hours of operation and help you to seek additional information. Let’s dive deep into Wells Fargo hours today.

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What Time Does Wells Fargo Open?

Wells Fargo opens at 9:00 am like most of the other banks in US. it follows the typical business hours. 9:00 am seems the right time at which a person might require to go to the bank. However, in a few locations, Wells Fargo business hours starts from 10 am but it’s unlikely most of the times.

What Time Does Wells Fargo Close?

Wells Fargo closes at 5:00 pm on all weekdays. Again, a few branches which starts at 10 am might extend their business hours up to 6 pm. We recommend you check the Wells Fargo business hours at www.wellsfargo.com before you head out. Or, you could also check the customer service numbers down below.

How to Know Wells Fargo Bank Hours Today?

If you are visiting between Monday to Friday, be relaxed about 9-5 Wells Fargo Hours. But if it is a Saturday, you need to keep in mind that Wells Fargo will not remain open till 5 pm. In fact, a few locations remain closed entirely.

Wells Fargo Weekdays Hours9 am to 5 pm Or 10 am to 6 pm (for a few locations)
Wells Fargo Saturday Hours9 am to 12 pm or 1 pm Or CLOSED (for a few locations)
Wells Fargo Sunday HoursCLOSED (there might be a few exceptions)

Wells Fargo Saturday hours vary across different locations and therefore call up any of the customer service numbers as stated below:

  • For General Banking – 1-800-869-3557
  • For Wells Fargo Online – 1-800-956-4442
  • For customers outside US, use the special International Access Codes which you will find by visiting www.wellsfargo.com/help/international-access-codes. Search for your country name and you shall get the code.

What Does Well Fargo Hours Offer?

Wells Fargo provides you with personal loans, auto loans, home loans, fair investment options, general banking options, mortgage facilities and several added benefits like the following: –

  • Health plans
  • Discounts & Savings
  • Tuition Reimbursement & Scholarships
  • Adoption Reimbursement
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Consumer benefits
  • Paid off time

The four broad categories under which a customer is placed in terms of their intention of availing Wells Fargo bank account are 1. Investing & Wealth Management 2. Small Business 3. Commercial Banking 4. Corporate & Investing Banking.

If you check the official website, under each of these categories, you will find detailed information on how Wells Fargo can benefit you. On visiting the bank, you will be provided with a bank assistant who will assure you a fair understanding of how Wells Fargo operates.

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Can I have access to Wells Fargo outside the Wells Fargo business hours?

Of course, yes! Wells Fargo has online banking facilities and also a mobile app that secures your banking activity even on days when the bank is not open. How to access Wells Fargo account online? Follow these simple steps: –

  1. Use your desktop or smartphone to access your Wells Fargo bank account online.
  2. Keep the ATM/Debit/Credit card number handy. You may also use the Wells Fargo account number or loan number.
  3. For business customers, the Tax ID number or Social Security number is required.
  4. On giving the required information for verification of your Wells Fargo account, you will have to set up the username as in the account and a password.
  5. A page owing to online access agreement would appear. It states your liabilities, limitations and other rules. After reading it carefully, confirm to agree.
  6. Enter the email id. You will need to verify the email id provided within 21 days of your enrolment date of online access to Wells Fargo account.

This is an alternative to the Well Fargo hours in case you decide to go paperless or want to access your account statements with a few clicks without going out.

When Does Wells Fargo Remain Closed?

Besides remaining closed on all Sundays, Wells Fargo hours are unavailable on New Year’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, President’s Day, Easter and a few more depending on the location.


These were some essential facts on Wells Fargo Hours. We have provided you with every little detail you need to know while choosing to visit Wells Fargo bank hours today. Hope you liked reading and will return for more!

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