What Time Does Marshalls Close? Find Out Nearest Stores

Marshalls is a chain of American departmental stores which is spread across more than 1100 locations in the US. Hours of Marshalls are subjected to frequent changes during the week. It, therefore, becomes important for the customers to gain accurate information on Marshall Hours before heading out to the nearest store.

Marshall Hours

We’ve found that ‘Marshalls hours today’ is frequently searched and often followed by inaccurate or false data. So, in this article, we’ve tried to curate all sorts of information related to Marshall Hours.

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What Time Does Marshall Open?

This seems to be a question which has received a number of responses, each differing from one another. It is due to the reason that every marshall store is owned and operated by different franchises. The hours of Marshalls hence depend on the location and is dictated by the decision of the owner of a particular location.

To give you a nearly error-free idea of Marshall hours, we have made you this table:

DaysOpens at
Monday – Thursday11:00 am
Friday- Saturday10:00 am
Sunday11:00 am

In some locations, Marshall hours start at 9:30 am on Tuesdays. A few stores might also start operating from 10:30 am on all days.

What Time Does Marshalls Close?

Generally, at 8:30 pm. You might find a few Marshalls stores open till 9:00 pm too. It really depends on the customer flow. Some might also close early at 7:00 pm like that in Ala Moana Center in Hawaii. While some Marshall locations stay open till 9:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, on Sundays they might close at 7:00 pm.

How Can I Find Out Marshalls Open Near Me?

We have two simple methods for enabling you to find your nearest Marshalls store. Let’s find out the details.

  1. Marshalls Customer Service – This is the simplest way to know the hours of operation of your nearest Marshalls store. The customer service at Marshalls has been quite appreciated. They are obliged to solve all your queries such as the products available, holiday hours or any other issues that you are facing while shopping. Use either of these two numbers to call up the Marshalls customer service:
  2. 1-888-627-7425
  3. 1-833-888-0776

The first one is for in-store clarification. Use the other number for queries related to placing online orders.

Call up these numbers to ask for the detailed address or location of Marshalls store. Most of the time, the customer service provides you with a link wherein you will be able to view the store list.

  • Marshalls Store Locator – The store locator enables you to figure out the nearest Marshalls store and also provides you with directions. Follow these steps to reach your destination –

Step 1: Click on www.marshalls.com/storelocator.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a page that displays a map. Tap on “enter a location.”

Step 3: Enter the zip code or the name of the preferred location.

Step 4: A list of Marshalls stores will appear that is in and around the said location.

Step 5: Click on the nearest store and you will be provided with the detailed address, phone numbers and other information on the availability of products and services.

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Marshalls Online Stores and Services

Recently, Marshall hours are extended beyond and made available online. Marshalls has similar products to offer in its online stores as in-store. The famous categories are Apparel, Beauty, Accessories, Home Decors, Furniture, Jewellery and so on.

You can order online via the official website link. You have to create your Marshalls account here. After that, view the and add the products to your cart and proceed to pay. It is as simple as it is to shop from Amazon. Use the ‘Coupons & Deals’ option to get the best price.

It takes about 1-2 business days for Marshalls to deliver your order. You can track your order after it has been shipped. It can request after 8 pm EST. You need to log in to your Marshalls account. Do not forget to keep the order number in handy. 


We recommend you to visit Marshalls after 11:00 am and before evening or confirm the hours of operation using the methods we provided. Many of the regular customers are now switching to the online stores which is said to be running smoothly.

Not only is it easy to shop but you also get affordable products sitting at home. we hope you have a happy time shopping during Marshall hours, Come back here for more information.

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