Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks? Type of Checks | Limit to Personal Checks

“Does Walmart cash personal checks” is one such common question that strikes us when we go to Walmart. Walmart undoubtedly is one of the best-known places in America to shop. Being the largest marketplace in U.S.A., Walmart is as famous as any other online shopping site such as Amazon. In fact, it can be considered as Amazon’s strong competitor.

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks

Walmart’s success in the business world has attracted common people like you and me to buy our daily essentials, whether online or offline. Making often visits to Walmart is common among the citizens and hence we shall discuss how the payment method can be made easier during bulk purchases.

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Personal checks are one such mode desired by customers. But do Walmart cash checks?

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

Here’s good news! Yes, Walmart cash personal checks. Walmart also facilitates customers to cash different kinds of checks besides personal checks. The procedure to cash checks is also simple. The checks definitely have to pass the electronic verification done by the Walmart desk.

Sometimes Walmart might decline your request of cashing a check because of factors like insufficient bank balance or a check type that is not accepted by the store. You can click on the link below to know about the rules set by Walmart upon cashing checks.

We adding the tit-bits related to Walmart personal checks cashing to help you get a much clear idea of “Does Walmart cash personal checks?”

Can I Cash Checks at Walmart? – A Few more Facts.

Some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while cashing your check at Walmart.

  • What is the cost of personal check cashing at Walmart?

There is a standard fee set by Walmart on cashing checks. The table outlines the detail of it.

Type of CheckAmount Charged
Personal Check$4 for checks of under $1,000              
$8 for checks of $1,001 to $5,000
Pre-printed Non-personal Checks$4 for the first $1,000              
$4-$8 for checks over $1,000

What Type of Checks can You Cash at Walmart?

Walmart is customer-friendly as it allows almost every kind of check to be encashed. The list is long: –

✔️ Pre-printed checks

✔️ Payroll checks

✔️ Business check

✔️ Social security check

✔️ Cashier’s checks

✔️ Retirement checks

✔️ Two-party personal checks up to $200

✔️ Tax refund checks

✔️ Government checks

✔️ insurance Settlement checks

✔️ Out-of-state checks

❌  Personal checks, either those which had expired

❌  Personal checks that are handwritten

❌ Savings bond checks

❌ EFS checks

❌ Checks that are suspected to have been altered

  • What is the limit to personal checks at Walmart that could be cashed?

Walmart sets a limit on the following checks: –

Two-party personal checks$200
Business issued checks$5,000
OthersUp to $7,500 during tax season

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How can I Cash a Check at Walmart?

If you are new to cash checks at Walmart, you are to be familiarised with the entire process. It is not a difficult process at all. Go step-by-step and you shall not face any hindrances or confusion.

Step 1 – Carry the physical check with you, one that has been addressed to your name.

Step 2 – Do not forget to carry a valid ID or passport, issued by the government.

Step 3 – At the Cash registers counter of Walmart, give your check and ID proof. You will undergo a third-party verification process, carried out by Certegy or TeleCheck.

Step 4 Choose either the option of receiving your money in cash or deposit it in the Walmart MoneyCard. If you choose the card, you are to pay $1 at its purchase.


It is quite easy to get your checks cashed at Walmart and then pay off the bills. Walmart has made it convenient for its customers to buy on a regular basis and buy bulk amounts in one purchase. For more, you might visit

You can get detailed information about the business and Walmart’s services. We hope this article was insightful and worth the read. Keep shopping! Before you stop reading, we would like to summarize the major points related to “Does Walmart cash personal checks?”Look into the quick FAQ section for convenience below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Walmart Personal Checks Cashing

Q. Does Walmart cash checks?

A. Yes, Walmart cash checks.

Q. Can you cash a check at Walmart?

A. Yes, any customer can cash a check at a local Walmart.

Q.How much does Walmart charge to cash a check?

A. Walmart charges between $4 to $8, depending on the amount to be cashed.

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