Does Amazon Pay Weekly? Facts to Know About Amazon Pay

Amazon could be easily called one of the best employers in the world as it pays its employees quite often. The giant’s payment cycle is an interesting one and quite convenient for anyone who has to make weekly payments. Amazon is both customer-friendly and employee-friendly. If you are someone who is willing to work with the biggest e-commerce company, you should definitely check out this article on ‘Does amazon pay weekly?

Does Amazon Pay Weekly

Is Amazon weekly pay is often asked by many who is looking forward to build a career in this growing industry.

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Even if you are someone connected to the growing trends in business, you would be curious to know about Amazon’s treatment of its employees. So, we are here to answer all your queries on does amazon pay weekly. Read ahead.

Does Amazon Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

The answer to Is “Amazon weekly pay” is both yes and no because Amazon follows both weekly and biweekly payment modes. It does not entirely stick to one payment option. However, it has moved away from its monthly payment options for most of its employers.

For part-time workers, the payment is done every two weeks in a month. In case you are a temporary employee or an intern, you will receive weekly payments. Amidst the global pandemic, Amazon has chosen to succumb to these two payment options rather than usual.

Some Facts about Amazon Pay Weekly:

  • The payment is always made on Friday.
  • The weekly payment option is not available in all places. For example, in UK, most of the Amazon stores pay its employees bi-weekly. Similar is the case for California, Texas and some other locations. While in Florida, several employees are granted weekly payments on Friday.
  • Amazon might agree to make payments to your bank account instead of giving your payment in cash.
  • If you are a full-time worker at a one of Amazon corporate offices, you cannot claim weekly payments.
  • If you wish to find an alternative of weekly payments, we have one. You can sign up for the Wisely Pay card which in most cases only Amazon Fresh employees are eligible for. Using this card, you can get to have 70% of your wage at anytime during the week.

How Often Does Amazon Pay?

Detecting Amazon’s payment structure is quite difficult since it has a list of positions or jobs, each having different payment routine. Also, the payments differ across locations. To state some of the jobs for which Amazon appoints employees are Delivery Service Partners (DSP), Flex employees, employees under Amazon Fresh Jobs, Warehouse workers, etc.

You might be an employee in one of the Amazon warehouses or Amazon Fresh physical stores or might be appointed as a clerk in one of Amazon corporate offices. As for the locations, the payment cycle would vary across the states like Texas, Florida, California and so on.

Apart from these factors, the frequency at which Amazon pays its employers have been severely affected by the pandemic that had struck the entire world in 2020. Thereafter, Amazon had made several changes in its payment schedule.

There was a time when Amazon used to pay only on a monthly basis. There’s a transition from monthly to weekly payments along with continuation of some old structures. Some of the overall ways in which Amazon likes to pay its employees are stated descriptively in this table below:

Type of PaymentDetails
Anytime PayGet paid each time you serve Amazon. Yes! You heard it right. Working in Amazon warehouses or fulfilment centres allows you to benefit from this lucrative payment system. They will pay you about 70% of the daily wage on the same day on which you’ve completed the work hours. This completely depends on the employee if he wants to take the payment right away or prefers to receive it on a monthly or weekly basis.
WeeklyDo Amazon pay weekly? That’s one of the frequently asked question. As mentioned earlier, Amazon has transformed its payment cycle from the monthly to weekly mode for most of the employees. On a particular day of a week, Amazon clears out all the due payments.
Bi-weeklyThis means you get your payment from Amazon every two weeks. This payment system is more preferable than the monthly system.
MonthlyMonthly payments are for Blue Badge workers. In Amazon, the full-time workers are called so. They are usually the ones who are stationed at any of the Amazon corporate offices or any headquarter.

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Does Amazon Pay Weekly Benefit the Employees?

Absolutely yes! Amazon is not at all reluctant towards its interns or temporary employees. Most of the employees who gets paid weekly also receive the following benefits from Amazon:

  • Great deal of financial benefit. You can earn $15 per hour at Amazon. So, add it up and you’ll be amazed to know how much you can make in a week.
  • Parental leave
  • Health benefits like it covers your medical bills. Free medical advices or counselling sessions are also provided.
  • Family care which includes child and elder care services.
  • You also get training on joining.

You can check the details of Amazon’s payment cycle in their official website or at any of the headquarters. You can always expect Amazon to pay you good.

It is said that a person joining the company at an entry-level position can make about $40,000 a year. While for a senior employee, the salary can range between $48,000 to $65,000 a year.


Our objective was to cover every little detail about the topic Does Amazon pay weekly? Along with it, we believe we have been able to guide you through the decision-making process of whether one should join Amazon as an employee and agree to take weekly payments. Keep reading for more such detailed articles.

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