Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday? Available at My Location

Most of us would say yes when asked the question ‘does amazon deliver on Sunday? But very few of us are aware that Amazon refuses to deliver on Sundays in a few locations. This article shall cover everything about Sunday delivery service of this e-commerce giant.

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

We would answer some of the frequently asked questions such as at what time should one expect their Amazon package to be delivered on Sunday, or under which circumstances Amazon avoids delivering on Sunday and does amazon deliver on easter and more.

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Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

YES! Amazon does deliver on Sundays. There was a time when customers were happy to receive their order even after 10 days or so. But now with improved system and communication, Amazon has made it easier for a customer to get their hands on a required product within 4-5 days, even if it’s weekend.

There have been shoppers who would order on Wednesday or Thursday and receive their orders on Sunday. Amazon definitely stands out than rest of the retailers in this regard. One of the reasons why Amazon can deliver on Sunday is the fact that it maintains a partnership with UPS or USPS, that is United States Postal Service.

You will notice Sunday Deliveries are slightly different that the usual. First of all, the number of deliveries at a particular location is determined. If there are less deliveries to be done, Amazon spends a little extra.

On Sundays, Amazon sellers puts their package into a truck that is intended for a particular location. It is sent to the USPS. The USPS driver is responsible for delivering your Amazon order on Sundays in most locations.

What Time Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

As opposed to the usually delivery time window of 8 am to 8 pm during weekdays, on Sundays Amazon delivers between 9 am to 8 pm. Amazon can deliver your order even at 10 pm under unexpected circumstances or if at certain location Amazon follows its late delivery schedule.

Does Amazon Deliver on Easter Sunday?

You’ll be amazed to know that Amazon delivers on Easter Sunday. Easter is not considered a US Federal holiday and so you can expect your delivery on an Easter Sunday. Usually, most of the business giants observe a long 4-day weekend during this period with Good Friday and Easter in a row.

This is where Amazon stands out with its services. If your location is eligible for the usual Sunday deliveries via USPS, you’ll definitely receive it on Easter too. The time for deliveries on Easter Sunday remains same, that is between 9 am to 8 pm.

Is Amazon Sunday Delivery Free?

Since Amazon doesn’t deliver in some locations on Sunday, you might question whether they would allow you to pay a fee to avail Sunday delivery. No, they wouldn’t. However, on locations which are eligible for Sunday deliveries, the seller might demand a few extra dollars. On rare occasions such as an emergency delivery demanded on Sunday, the seller might also burden you with extra shipping fee.

But the good news is you don’t have to pay an extra fee if your order has been delivered to you on a Sunday. The cost increases only if you demand it to be delivered within a day or two, exactly on Sunday.

Why is Amazon Sunday Delivery not Available in Some Locations?

You heard it right. In some places, Amazon refuses to deliver on Sundays. This is primarily because of USPS or UPS. For “finale/last mile” delivery, Amazon depends on USPS which determines whether the package is to be delivered on Sunday.

Amazon Sunday delivery option is available in any densely populated state/area od US with plenty of USPS centres. But if you belong to rural side, you are likely to not get your Sunday delivery option from Amazon.

Also, you must remember that not all products are eligible for Sunday deliveries. You can see the next section to get into further details of it.

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How to Know if Amazon Sunday Delivery is Available at My Location?

It’s often a confusing and unpredictable. So, we have stated three ways in which you can seek confirmation about your Sunday delivery from Amazon: –

  1. You can know if Sunday delivery is available at your place by simply clicking on “Choose your Prime delivery option.” The option is displayed on the checkout screen. So, before submitting your order, take a look at the dates on which you can ask Amazon to deliver your order. The rates of the delivery are also displayed according the amount of time within which you want your Amazon order to be delivered at your doorstep.
  2. Another option is to call UPS or USPS. Contact the representative of the local branch and enquire if they would deliver at your place on Sunday. You’ll be asked of your ZIP code. That is how you know whether to expect your Amazon order on a Sunday.
  3. In some cases, the UPS or USPS would ask you to sign up for their Sunday Deliveries. Enquire if your local branch has this facility. If yes, do sign up as it becomes easier for you to get Sunday deliveries.


Amazon is really concerned about its customers’ need and have quite a flexible operating schedule which enables it to operate without any hassle even on Sundays. With time, we hope Amazon improves itself and extends its Sunday delivery option readily in the rural areas of US as well. Hope all your queries were solved. Keep following for more!

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