What Time Does Amazon Deliver? Find Out Shipping Times

Amazon Delivery Time: In the growing age of digitalization, one cannot help but think of Amazon as a safe delivery option of products, be it electronic goods or the newest fashion line. Amazon caters to millions of customers all over the world. Being a digital platform, Amazon runs its business with the help of Internet instead of in-stores.

What Time Does Amazon Deliver

The Amazon products are delivered to the customers in a few days depending on a few factors such as location, shipping preference, etc. Right after placing an order, customers eagerly wait for their products to arrive and ‘what time does amazon deliver?’ becomes a frequently asked question among them.

People also ask:

This article is all about Amazon delivery time of day and also how long can we expect Amazon to deliver at night. Every little detail is hereby being discussed.

What Time Does Amazon Start Delivering?

8 am is the standard time from when Amazon starts delivering its products. The orders are safely placed in front of the customer at their doorstep. Now, on-demand of the customer, Amazon might also deliver the order as early as 6 am.

So, if you are stuck with the question what time does Amazon start delivering? you might very well be saying 8 am and 6 am as exceptions. However, on Sundays Amazon starts its delivery only from 9 am.

What Time Does Amazon Deliver on Saturday?

On Saturdays, Amazon follows the weekdays time schedule of starting its delivery process from 8 am. Saturday is no off day or half-day for Amazon delivery drivers.

How Long Does Amazon Deliver?

Till 8 pm usually, Amazon runs its delivery services on a 12-hour basis. In most of the countries, 8 am to 8 pm is the standard delivery time schedule. But in few places, or under few circumstances, Amazon might decide to open its delivery service till 10 pm.

So, a window of 6 am to 10 pm might also be applied in several locations. We insist you to track your order from the official Amazon app or website. Though the standard delivery time extends till 8 pm, a few circumstances might lead up to amazon delivering a little late such as any natural even or due to third party seller.

If it’s an extreme weather condition, your order might be delayed till the time your locality has been restored back to the normal.

What Time Do Amazon Packages Arrive?

Expects them between the time frame of 6 am to 10 pm on all weekdays including Saturday. On Sundays, your package will arrive only after 9 am. We have summarised your query of ‘What time does Amazon deliver?’ in form of a table below:

Monday to Saturday8 am to 8 pm Or 6 am to 10 pm
Sunday9 am to 8 pm

In case of Amazon ship Key deliveries, there is a four hours delivery window. The Amazon Fresh delivery time is bound to a 2-hour window. Both the services are available 8 am to 8 pm and you also have the flexibility of choosing your preferred window of delivery time.

The shipping option for Amazon Prime users vary from normal customers. In case of Prime users, the Standard shipping is done between four to five business days. both one-day and two-day shipping are also available.

What to Do If the Amazon Package is not Delivered Yet?

If your package has not been delivered to you within the expected time or date, track your package. Amazon will always mail you after your order has been shipped. Follow that mail and check the location wherein your package is stuck. Refer to these for further help:

If you do not find a solution, keep the following in your mind.

  • Check your mail for a notice of attempted delivery. In this case, the package is usually left at a nearby safe location like your neighbourhood or post office box.
  • Check the shipping address. Report if there’s a mistake.
  • Contact your neighbours if they have received it on your behalf.

If you still do not receive your Amazon delivery, you need not worry! Your shipping fees is to be refunded if they miss their promised delivery date.

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Can You Determine the Amazon Delivery Time?

While it’s very unpredictable to determine at what time amazon will deliver your package, it is easier to set the shipping speed. Yes, you can choose the shipping speed of your package.

Usually, Amazon customers receive their order within five to eight working days. but deciding the shipping speed might enable you to determine the delivery time. Follow these steps below:

  1. Visit the official website wherein you need to place your order.
  2. Go to your cart where you have all your selected items for purchase.
  3. Proceed to checkout.
  4. Carefully fill in the shipping address.
  5. Choose the shipping speed.
  6. Click on ‘continue.’
  7. Select the payment method and proceed to make the final payment.

However, remember that you won’t be able to make any changes once your amazon package has been picked up by the driver. You need to do it while you are placing your order as stated above.

But if your order hasn’t been shipped, you still have a chance of re-scheduling the delivery time by simply clicking on “reschedule this delivery.’ You will have to select another date and time.


Amazon serves its customers in best of its abilities. It has not only introduced the option of speedy shipping but has also extended its deliveries on holidays. Before every big occasion, you can order online from Amazon and be sure of having your package arrive at the right time. We hope your query regarding ‘what time does Amazon deliver?’ has been solved. We look forward to you visiting us more often for more valuable information.

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