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People in the US are increasingly relying on Home Depot for home improvement products. Digital Wallets such Apple Pay becomes important in functioning of such a huge retailer which caters to millions every day. Home Depot Apple Pay has often been a part of discussion while discussing the payment options offered by Home Depot. So, this article is all about answering the controversial question ‘Does Home Depot take Apple Pay?’

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Every other retailer across America has resorted to Apple Pay as one of its several payment modes. But Apple Pay at Home Depot can be a questionable choice for the customers. Why? To know more, stay till the end of this article.

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, the answer to ‘Does Home Depot accept Apple Pay?’ is NO. Home Depot has several alternative payment methods. Previously, it did accept Apple Pay. But due to its partnership with PayPal, Home Depot no longer accepts Apple Pay. Back in 2015, Home Depot declared to support Apple Pay at over 2000 locations. Soon after this announcement, it seized Apple Pay from its stores.  

There are plenty of other payment options available at Home Depot. They serve as good alternatives to Apple Pay. We’ve discussed them in detail in the following sections.

Why does Home Depot not accept Apple Pay?

We can list down three broad reasons why Apple Pay is not accepted at Home Depot despite being one of the most appreciated and safe payment options.

  1. Apple Pay’s Competitor – Primarily because Home Depot has already partnered with PayPal, which is another significant digital payment wallet and a huge competitor of Apple Pay. One can assume that PayPal might have proposed not to accept Apple Pay at Home Depot until the time it is serving.
  2. NFC technology – Apple Pay uses a unique technology which is not readily available at certain places. NFC or Near-field communication is a relatively new wireless technology which makes communication between two devices possible just when brought near each other. All you need to do is to hold your device near the NFC card reader and the payment is done. But due to its inaccessibility, Home Depot could not welcome Apple Pay again.
  3. Transaction Fee – Apple Pay makes it compulsory for retailers to pay a fee for each transaction that is made. This results in increasing the price of products which is a major drawback when it comes to attracting customers. Therefore, Home Depot discarded Apple Pay as its payment option.

These are more or less the only three logical reasons behind Home Depot rejecting Apple Pay.

Will Home Depot Accept Apple Pay ever?

If we are to predict the future, there’s a possibility of Apple Pay returning back to Home Depot owing to the fact that the number of Apple device users are increasing. The growing popularity of Apple Pay might soon have good news for Home Depot customers but we have to wait till the official announcement. Also, Home Depot will have to part ways with PayPal before accepting Apple Pay.

We recommend that you keep checking the official website of Home Depot to get notified about the latest changes in its payment options. Visit

What are some alternatives of Apple Pay at Home Depot?

The latest news is that Home Depot does not allow its customers to use phones for transactions. Apart from Apple Pay, other payment apps such as Samsung Pay, Google Pay and a few more are also not accepted.

Home Depot likes to keep it traditional. It prefers physical payment systems over digital modes. You can use the following alternatives to pay at Home Depot: –

  • Cash
  • Personal Checks (not available for online purchase)
  • Credit Card
  • Visa
  • Master card
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal Cash Credit Card
  • Home Depot Gift Cards – You can avail a gift card from the Home Depot App.
  • Home Depot Credit – Home Depot has come up with a number of credit options such as Consumer Credit Card, Commercial Revolving Card, etc.

Can we use Apple Pay for online purchases in the Home Depot App?

No, Apple Pay is not accepted in any form in Home Depot. For online purchase, you will have to download the Home Depot App where you can browse products, gain vital information and place orders. In order to pay, you will have to use credit card, Home Depot Gift Cards or directly use PayPal.

Can we use Apple Pay for online purchase from the Home Depot website?

Again, the answer remains No. Options like Apple Pay or Google Pay are not available. Instead, you may resort to using the similar payment options as stated for Home Depot App.

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How to add Payment methods for Home Depot Purchase?

On the Home Depot App or website, find the “My Account” option. You will get the option of adding a card. Follow these steps now: –

  1. Click on “Cards & Accounts” page.
  2. Sign in if you are already a user.
  3. Select the payment type that you would like to add. You can choose from Home Depot gift cards, credit cards, PayPal, etc.
  4. Click on “Add” and enter the required information.
  5. On finishing up, you will be displayed with a page that says you are ready to use the new payment option.
  6. Check the newly added payment option under the “Cards & Accounts” menu.

Home Depot also allows you to edit these Payment methods from time to time. You can change device authorization, change default payment option or can also delete any payment option added.


Home Depot payment options are quite flexible. It will improve further with the inclusion of Apple Pay but for the time being, we have to wait for official announcements. We hope you acquired some valuable information on ‘Does Home Depot take Apple Pay?’ Keep coming back for more such informative articles.

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