Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay? Use Apple Pay App

Starbucks is the go-to place of several coffee lovers globally, especially in the US. waking up early and grabbing a dose of caffeine drinks from Starbucks before running off to your workplace is pretty much a usual scene in America. In the rush hours, it is important that you are provided with a fast and easy payment option such as being able to access Apple Pay Starbucks. This article will focus on ‘Does Starbucks take Apple Pay?’

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We’ll be discussing Starbucks Apple Pay in the following sections. We assure this will answer all your queries and provide you with vital information such as how to use Apple Pay Starbucks, does Starbucks have Apple Pay for drive-thru and walk-in customers and so on.

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay?

YES! Starbucks lets you use Apple Pay to pay conveniently and ensures safety. As you might already know, Apple Pay has been recognized as one of the safest payment methods. More or less all the Apple device users have their credit card or debit card connected to their Apple Wallet.

So, the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions by Starbucks lovers ‘Does Starbucks have Apple Pay?’ is indeed yes. Keep scrolling for more information about Starbucks Apple Pay.

Does Starbucks have Apple Pay for iPhone users?

Yes, since Apple Pay is meant solely for Apple users, you can pay Starbucks only by choosing Apple Wallet as your payment option from your iPhone.

Does Starbucks have Apple Pay for Apple Watch users?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch to pay Starbucks by simply downloading the Starbucks App or you may also try setting up your Apple Pay Wallet first.

In order to set up Apple Pay on your device, follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Set Up Apple Pay Starbucks?

  • Step 1: Go to your device settings. Click on ‘Wallet & Apple Pay.’
  • Step 2: You need to select the payment type under the “Add Card” option.
  • Step 3: Add credit card or debit card to your Apple Wallet. Enter all the details.
  • Step 4: For verification, agree with the terms and conditions.
  • Step 5: You’ll be ready to use Apple Pay from your Apple device once the confirmation page appears on completion of the proceedings.

After setting up your device, you are good to go with any of the following methods of using Apple Pay at Starbucks.

How to use Apple Pay at Starbucks?

There are quite a few ways of availing Apple Pay as your payment option at Starbucks. You may try out any one of these.

  • Installing Starbucks App on your Apple device and then choosing Apple Pay as an option during checkout.
  • Add Starbucks Card to your Apple Pay Wallet.
  • Use Apple Pay directly in the drive-thru or in-store counter.

The detailed steps of using these methods are listed below one by one. Go through them to have a hassle-free experience at Starbucks.

How to link Apple Pay with Starbucks App?

Linking Apple Pay to the Starbucks App comes out to be the most helpful method while ordering online. Just these 3 simple steps and you are done: –

  1. In the Starbucks App, click on “Pay” after you’ve added the desired items to the cart.
  2. Click on “Payment”. Under it, you’ll find an option to “Manage Payment.”
  3. Click on “Apple Pay.” Enter the details and you can continue using Apple Pay through the Starbucks App to pay.

How to add a Starbucks Card to your Apple Pay Wallet?

A bit longer process but totally worth it. Follow the steps below: –

  1. From the Apple Store, download ‘Stocard’ for your device.
  2. You’ll see a ‘+’ sign on the upper right corner on opening the app.
  3. In the Search bar, look for ‘Starbucks.’
  4. You can scan the barcode or enter the code given on your Starbucks card.
  5. The digitized version of your Starbucks Card will appear on your screen.
  6. On the top-right corner, tap on the three-dot option.
  7. From the list of options, click on ‘Add to Apple Pay Wallet.’
  8. Confirm by selecting “Add.”

On the successful addition of the Starbucks Card to your Apple Pay Wallet, you can enjoy the deals, rewards and discounts offered to you via Apple Pay in Starbucks.

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How to use Apple Pay at Starbucks in-store/drive-thru?

Does Starbucks take apple pay in drive-thru? Yes! This is probably the simplest of all and mostly favored by top customers. In case of both in-store and drive-thru, you follow the same procedure for payment.

  1. When at the counter, inform the clerk that you will be using Apple Pay. Meanwhile, open the Apple Pay app on your device.
  2. Select the card through which you want to make the payment.
  3. At the counter, you will be provided with a contactless card reader. Keep your device in close proximity to it and hold steady.
  4. On confirmation of your identity through Face ID or Touch ID, the payment will be processed. “Done” will appear on the card reader device immediately.

In case of Payment failure: –

  1. Restart your phone or your internet connection to ensure that your device is properly connected with the card reader.
  2. Ensure that the physical card connected to your Apple Pay is not blocked or expired to avoid failed transactions.


This was our attempt at answering all your doubts related to ‘Does Starbucks take Apple Pay?’ We covered every little detail and hope you have a wonderful experience while paying for your incredible dose of caffeine at Starbucks. Keep coming back to us for more such informational articles.

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