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In recent years, Apple Pay has been a widely accessed and trusted online payment app. It’s specially designed by iOS for the iPhone users. But Apple Pay has made its way to the payment options of many leading companies and brands of the world. Target is one amongst them. Target outlets are one of the most visited retail discount stores in the States. Apple Pay is created by Apple iOS to give their users a safe and quick paying experience.

Does Target Take Apple Pay

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If you are an iPhone or Apple Watch user, Apple Pay is the most convenient way of payment. It is supported by most of the brands including Target. So, does Target take Apple Pay? The answer is a big yes! But how? To learn about the Target Apple Pay payment method, you have to read further.

Does Target Take Apple Pay?

If you are one of those people who rely on Target stores for all your daily needs, then you will be benefitted by reading this article. We will be discussing easy Apple Pay payment methods at Target for iPhone and Apple Watch users. Does Target take Apple Pay? Yes. Target allows their customers to use Apple Pay in order to pay for the items. What is more convenient than going totally free of card and money!

It is always the easiest to be able to pay via your phone or smartwatch. You don’t need to bother at all about forgetting your wallet back at home.

How to Use Apple Pay at Target?

It is very easy to use Apple Pay to pay for your purchased items at Target location you visit. Be it counter payment or self-checkout. you can simply use the Apple Pay on your iPhone to pay. In order to pay via Apple Pay you need to set up the application on your Apple device. We are going to break the process down to make it easier for you–

  1. Download ‘Apple Pay’ from the Apple app store.
  2. Now you need to fill in the details of your card to start with transactions. To do that, go to ‘Settings’ of the app.
  3. Select the option called ‘Wallet and Apple Pay’.
  4. Now you can put in the details of your by clicking the ‘Add’ or ‘Add Cards’ button.
  5. Select Debit Card or Credit Card. And type card details.
  6. Do the verification as per the instruction. And you are all set to go.
  7. You can link you Apple Watch with your phone account as well.

Now you are all set to initiate the payment.There are several ways of paying through the Apple Pay. We will be discussing each one with details below. Follow as per your convenience.

How to Pay at Target Stores’ Counters Using Apple Pay?

It is always the easiest to be able to pay via your phone or smartwatch. Thanks to Apple Pay that you don’t need to bother at all about forgetting your wallet back at home. Go through the steps below and enjoy a hassle-free shopping spree at Target-

  1. Switch on the iPhone. Use Face ID or Touch ID feature to access Apple Pay. You may also use PIN.
  2. Let the cashier scan all your bought items. Once it is done, you will receive your payment details from the counter itself.
  3. All of Target’s payments are contactless. So, you need to bring your phone close to the card reader. Do not touch it.
  4. Hold it until the reader beeps and signals the payment clearance. The screen will show the confirmation. Your phone will make a ping sound as soon as the transaction happens.

How to do Apple Pay at Target using Apple Watch?

Do you need to quickly grab a few essentials while returning home from gym? And don’t have your phone on you? Well, no need to worry. You can pay at Target outlets with you’re the Apple Watch on your wrist. It’s very easy to use Apple Pay from your smartwatch if you do the following –

  1. Switch on your smartwatch.
  2. Now you need to bring your Apple Watch close to the reader. Do not touch it.
  3. Hold it until the reader beeps and signals the payment clearance. The watch will also vibrate as soon as the payment completes.

How to Use Apple Pay at Target Self-Checkout?

Does Target accept Apple Pay while doing self-checkout? Yes,Apple Pay is available even in self-checkout of Target. Its just as quick and convenient as the last one. Let’s see the process –

  1. Scan your items one by one.
  2. Select the ‘Wallet’ option on the reader to proceed with the payment.
  3. Then tap to select the Apple Pay option.
  4. Now use your iPhone or Apple Watch for the contactless payment.
  5. Hold it until the reader beeps and signals the payment clearance.

Can I Use Apple Pay in Target App?

Target has their own app. But Target app does not have the option of Apple Pay as of yet. But they let you use Apple card on the app.

Is it Possible to Pay Via Apple Pay at Target Website?

It’s very much possible to use Apple Pay on Target’s official website. Target lets you buy things both online and offline. They have several options for payments. You can select Apple Pay to pay for your online orders directly from

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Other Target Payment Methods:

Apple Pay is not the only way of payment at Target. There are multiple of other methods to pay for your essentials from Target such as –

  • Cash
  • Target RedCard
  • Samsung Pay
  • Target gift cards
  • Credit Card/ Debit Card
  • Google Pay
  • Other digital wallets supported by Target
  • Alipay
Benefits of using Apple Pay at Target:
  • It is safe and verified by iOS. Each transaction will have unique codes which further ensures the safety.
  • Apple Pay service is very fast and easy. It saves your time more than any other digital wallets.
  • Does not charge any extra service fee.
  • Payment via Apple Pay enhances your chances to get occasional discounts. You may be lucky enough to enjoy some cashback or price off once in a while.


We hope this article has clarified all your queries regarding ‘Does Target take Apple Pay?’ It is always safer to go digital rather than carrying your wallet and cards everywhere. Apple Pay is definitely a landmark in the digital payment world. And now Target and other brands like this let you use Apple Pay in all possible ways. You can easily understand and master the use of Apple Pay at Target by reading the steps we mentioned here. Now go shopping with a tension-free mind.

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