Does Walmart Drug Test 2022? Employees and Applicants

Walmart Drug Test: Do you intend to take job in your nearby Walmart store? Walmart is an American multinational company under which a chain of stamp stores, hypermarkets, discount stores, grocery stores are operated. If you are looking for a hassle-free job such as an employee in the supermarket, you can apply for Walmart’s vacant posts. Visit the employee portal to submit an application.

The inevitable question that follows the selection process of any job in America is about Drug Test: Does Walmart conduct a Drug Test on the employees? If you are also pondering upon this matter, we have all the answers for you. In this article, you’ll get to know everything about Walmart employee drug testing methods.

Does Walmart Drug Test?

Walmart is one of the top chains of retailer stores in America. As a multinational global company, Walmart has to abide by some basic rules of the workspace to keep it safe and harm-free for everybody. Walmart selects employees after doing a thorough check-up including the Drug Test.

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While some employees come in direct contact with the customers, the others have to work inside the warehouse with machines, medicines, knives and other things. So as a code of conduct, consumption of alcohol and drug without prescribed medical purpose in workspace, is prohibited.

Does Walmart Drug Test? Operate Pre-Employment

Walmart employment process generally does not include a pre-employment drug test. As to get a job in Walmart you will need to clear a selection round in which some people are interviewed and then chosen from a number of applicants. This step does not have a drug screening. Once the initial interview and selection round is done, the employers have to go through some basic checks.

At this stage, employees may have to go through a drug check test. Only if you pass the screening process, you will be allotted a job. Sometimes the selection process and the tests are done in a single day. So, yes, there is a possibility that they collect samples for test the same day you sit for the interview.

How Is It Done?

Walmart operates a drug screening process of the employees through the following steps –

  • The employees will be provided a container to collect their urine sample.
  • Proper measurements will be taken to supervise you.
  • The sample is then labelled by the personnel of the hiring authority.
  • The labelled samples are sent to the laboratory for the test.
  • The collection can take few minutes. Although the result usually takes one to two days to be prepared.

If you clear this test, only then you will get the final acceptance letter. The hiring authority can also ask you to collect your samples and send it for evaluation by yourself. It depends on the concerned outlet and its diving committee.

What Drugs are Tested?

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

This is a list of basic forbidden drugs. It can be even extended based upon the drug prohibition law of the country.

Is there any Random Drug Test in Walmart?

The next obvious question is do you have to go for a drug test even if you are an employer? Are there any random tests? If you are an employee of Walmart now, you may have to go through random drug and alcohol checks any day. The random tests are done to make sure everyone is strictly abiding by the rules.

It does not matter what position you hold, be it staff or cashier or manager or supervisor, you are subject to mandatory drug taste.

When Will You Have Random Drug Test?

Random Drug tests and for that matter, any drug tests in your workspace need aground. If the higher authority supervises and suspects a staff to be under the influence of drug or to hold drugs in possession, the staff will have to go through an instant suspicion test. If you are promoted to a higher position, you will be subject to all the health check-ups including drug screening.

If any accident happens because of you in the store or the warehouse or for that matter if you are a part of any accident, the post-accident investigation will need your clear report. Random test without any specific reason can also take place to resist accidents and ensure safety precautions.

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Walmart Still Conducting Drug Test in 2022?

In the post-pandemic situation, Walmart is specially focusing on the workers’ and associates’ health conditions. The drug screening of the employees is conducted the same way it was done before.

According to some sources Walmart has restricted their initial drug test to some specific positions. But you should be prepared for the random tests or post-accident tests anyway.

What If You Fail the Drug Test in Walmart?

Walmart is very strict with its No Drugs rules. So, if you don’t clear the pre-employment drug check, you won’t be hired. Besides, if a positive report comes in respect of any random or suspicion test, you will be fired by the authority for drug consumption.

There is no way you will be able to work in Walmart while under the influence of substances.


We hope, this article has given you adequate information about Walmart Drug Test. If you plan to get a job over there, you might have some more questions. You can check our website for your queries regarding Walmart. Though it is always better to take advice from someone who has the first-hand experience of working in Walmart.

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