Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay? Know the Process

Apple Pay has made its way to the payment options of many of the leading companies of the world. One such company is the Taco Bell which is definitely the paradise for all the fast-food lovers in US. So, does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay? The answer is a big yes! Now Taco Bell has the facility for online payment through Apple Pay to make your payments even easier. But how? Learn about the Taco Bell Apple Pay payment method, you need to read further.

Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay

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Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay?

Does Taco Bell do Apple Pay? Yes. Taco Bell allow its customers to use Apple Pay for bill payments. What is more convenient than going totally free of card and money! Taco Bell is a very popular fast-food brand with many regular customers. And most of them being iPhone users, Apple Pay is one of the oft-used payment methods in Taco Bell. It is always the easiest to make payments with apple pay on your phone. You don’t need to bother at all about forgetting your wallet at home.

How to Use Apple Pay at Taco Bell?

It is very easy to use Apple Pay as a payment method for your Taco Bell orders. Be it online orders, drive-thru orders or counter payment, you can simply use the Apple Pay on your iPhone to pay. We are going to break the process down for you into steps –

  1. Choose your Taco Bell order first.
  2. Now receive your payment details either from the counter or on your phone.
  3. Open Apple Pay on your phone by putting in the PIN.
  4. Confirm the payment on your phone. Or, bring the phone close to the reader if you are paying at the counter.

There are several ways to pay through Apple Pay. We will be discussing each one in detail. But the very first step is to set the app on your smartphone.

How to Run Apple Pay on My iPhone?

In order to pay for your tacos in Taco Bell with Apple Pay, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download ‘Apple Pay’ from the Apple app store.
  2. Now you need to fill in the details of your card to start with transactions. To do that, go to ‘Settings’ of the app.
  3. Select the option called ‘Wallet and Apple Pay’.
  4. Now you can put in the details of your by clicking the ‘Add’ or ‘Add Cards’ button.
  5. Select debit card or credit card. And type card details.
  6. Do the verification as per the instruction. And you are all set to go.

You can link your Apple Watch to your Phone account as well.

How to Pay at Taco Bell Using Apple Pay?

Thanks to Apple Pay, you don’t need to carry your wallets and cards to eat in Taco Bell. Pay with your iPhone using Apple Pay –

  1. Switch on the iPhone. Use Face ID or Touch ID feature to access Apple Pay
  2. Now you need to bring your phone close to the NFC reader. Do not touch the reader
  3. Hold it until the reader beeps and signals the payment clearance. The screen will show the confirmation. Your phone will make a ping sound as soon as the transaction happens.

How to use Apple Pay at Taco Bell from Apple Watch?

Are you craving for tacos and burritos really bad while taking a morning run down the street? And don’t have your phone on you? Well, no need to worry. You can visit the Taco Bell and pay for your order using Apple Watch. It’s very easy to use Apple Pay from your Apple Watch if you do the following –

  1. Switch on your smartwatch.
  2. Now you need to bring your Apple Watch close to the NFC reader. Do not touch the reader.
  3. Hold it until the reader beeps and signals the payment clearance. The watch will also vibrate as soon as the payment completes.

Is It Possible to Use Apple Pay on Taco Bell App?

Taco Bell has their own website from where you can order from your home. Do you wonder if accepts Apple Pay or not? The answer is a YES. You can choose the online payment option and then go for Apple Pay option. If you are ordering from your Apple device, then its very easy to link your Apple Pay account and pay.

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Can I Use Apple Pay at Taco Bell Drive-through?

Does Taco Bell drive-thru accept Apple Pay? Yes, it does. If you prefer self-service while driving, you can pay with Apple Pay and order from Taco Bell self-service. Open Apple Pay on your Apple device. Hold your iPhone near the NFC reader at the payment counter to complete the transaction.


We hope this article has clarified all your queries regarding ‘Does Taco Bell take Apple Pay?’ It is always safer to go digital rather than carrying your wallet and cards everywhere. Apple Pay is definitely a landmark in the digital payment world. And now Taco Bell lets you use Apple Pay in all possible ways. You can easily understand and master using Apple Pay at Taco Bell by reading the steps we mentioned here. Now go grab your order with a tension-free mind.

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