Does Sonic Take Apple Pay? Step-by-Step Process

Sonic is a popular drive-in restaurant that has strengthened its payment methods by accepting Apple Pay into their services. It has been observed that the iPhone users have been increasing ever since the day it was introduced in the market. As a result, Apple Pay has been occupying a major role when it comes to American supermarkets and food chains selecting their payment method options. So, ‘Does Sonic take Apple Pay?’

Does Sonic take Apple Pay?

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We shall find out the answer to all the queries related to Sonic Apple Pay in this article. Stick till the end to know the step-by-step process of paying Sonic using Apple Pay.

Does Sonic Take Apple Pay?

It was on 2nd November 2019 that Sonic announced Apple Pay as one of its payment options. So, the answer to your question ‘Does Sonic have Apple Pay?’ is indeed YES! Yes, Sonic take Apple Pay. Sonic has about five million monthly customers spread across more than 3,500 locations and a major chunk of the customers trust Apple Pay as a safe payment option while paying to Sonic. Since Sonic is a drive-in store, Apple Pay becomes a much more convenient service to use.

Can I Use Sonic Apple Pay from My iPhone?

Yes, Apple Pay has been made for Apple device users. Undoubtedly, it has made the task easier and better for iPhone users. The contactless payment method is indeed faster and more efficient if compared to other payment methods.

Can I use Sonic Apple Pay from Apple Watch?

Yes, just like iPhone users, Apple Watch users can too set the Apple Pay app on their device and use it to pay in Sonic. The process both for Apple Watch and iPhone remains the same. Follow the next section to know the detailed steps.

How to Set up Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch?

The first and foremost step towards utilising Sonic Apple Pay is to get your Apple device ready for instant payment through Apple Pay. Follow these steps: –

  • Step 1 – In the device settings, click on the ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ option.
  • Step 2 – Tap on the ‘Add Card’ option to link your Apple Pay account with your Debit or Credit card. The card you choose will become the default payment card while using Apple Pay.
  • Step 3 – Select the payment type and enter all the required details for a successful link.
  • Step 4 – Once you agree with the terms and conditions of Apple Pay, the card verification will be considered successful.
  • Step 5 – On the appearance of the confirmation page, you will know that your Apple Pay Wallet has been linked to your card. Here on, you are ready to use Apple Pay and make payments to Sonic.

How to Use Apple Pay at Sonic Drive-In?

It’s easy to use Apple Pay at Sonic. With the use of NFC (near-field communication) and RFID (radio frequency identification), Sonic has made it easier for its customers to pay within seconds. Here are the steps you need to follow for a hassle-free payment experience: –

  1. After collecting all your products, move to the check-in counter and ask the Sonic representative for the card reader.
  2. Meanwhile, open Apple Pay on your device, either iPhone or Apple Watch.
  3. In order to validate your identity, use either the Face ID or Touch ID.
  4. Select the card you wish to pay with.
  5. The card reader will scan your device for which you have to hold it steadily within a few inches.
  6. The payment will be confirmed within a few seconds and your card will be billed for the products you’ve purchased.

Does Sonic Take Apple Pay on its Mobile app?

Yes, the Sonic mobile app has also accepted Apple Pay as one of its payment options. If you wish to order online, you may go ahead with choosing Apple Pay to make payment to Sonic. Since you won’t be provided with a NFC card reader at home, you need to follow a slightly different set of steps. See the steps below: –

  1. After you’ve placed your order on the Sonic app, press the side button of your iPhone twice.
  2. You’ll be required to enter your device’s passcode.
  3. You may use Touch ID or Face ID which will confirm your identity.
  4. On confirmation, select on “Pay” and you’re done with the payment.

Is Sonic Apple Pay a Safe Option?

Isn’t Apple Pay a much more convenient choice if compared to putting in all the details of your Debit/Credit card one by one? Indeed yes. With Apple Pay, you enter your details once and there on you get to pay Sonic within seconds. Also, Apple Pay has been regarded as one of the safest merchants because it never really accesses your bank details or other information.

In addition, you might link your Apple Pay wallet to other payment options as well. The reward you achieve on making payments to Sonic using Apple Pay would add up to your discounts and coupon the next time you shop from Sonic Drive-In.

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Does Sonic give Cashback on Using Apple Pay?

Yes, you are eligible for a cashback up to 3% and that is for almost all transactions. There are higher chances of getting cash back from Sonic if you are using your Apple Pay card directly. You may check the terms and conditions here on their official website –


We hope we could solve your queries related to ‘Does Sonic take Apple Pay?’ It is surely a safe option and will help you escape long check-out lines. Sonic availing the one-click payment option has really benefited its customers and reduced their over dependence on cash. If you find this article helpful, keep getting back to us for more!

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