When Does Target Restock? Shipment Details【Restocking Days】

Target Store is one of the major retail chains in the world. Here one finds a variety of goods. Since it is high on demand, it requires frequent restocking. Target has launched its new service, which is called the Target Restock. It is a program which offers quick restocks of daily essentials, to the customers. It is free for Target Red Card members but costs $2.99 for non-members. Shoppers can restock 15,000 products through this service.

When does Target Restock

It restocks items that are high in demand and essential items like paper products, cleaning household items, household essentials, etc. Seasonal products are stocked during the pre-season like winter goods are restocked usually by the fall which is mid-September. So, if you are looking for seasonal decorations, Target might be your one-stop location.

When does Target Restock?

The number of restocking days depends on the location. The heavy restocking happens twice per week, typically on Mondays and Fridays. Target’s daily restocking occurs every night, between 12:00 pm to 6:00 am, for essentials and high-demand items.

Perishable items are restocked close to the opening time every day between 3:00 pm and 11:00 pm daily so that these items like dairy, meat and other frozen items remain fresh. Online items are restocked when the shipments arrive.

Target restocked essential items every night after the stores closed. Large items were restocked two to three times a week. The online store, Target.com does not have a target restock day but it is done when the items are “Out of Stock”. Customers are notified when they are back in stocks.

When does Target Receive its Shipments?

Most Target stores get shipments on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It depends on the location. Perishable items are shipped daily. The shipping occurs every day except on Sundays. Targets in high-demand areas get five shipments a day on essentials like groceries and household products. Online items are shipped when back-ordered.

Does Target Restock Online?

Target restocks its products online on “Target.com”. There is no set restocking days for the online products. It depends on the availability and the arrival of the items. They become available for orders once they are back in stocks which depend on the manufacturer’s availability.

Targetgive notifications when a previously “Out of Stock” item is restocked again. Sign up for the notifications, can be done online through the Target mobile app. Notification is sent by email or phone. Backorders are shipped when they are back in stock.

Click on the “Notify me when it’s back” button which is there on the app or the website. But receiving a notification does not guarantee that the item is available. Target restock notification does not apply for the in-store products; products that are high on demand like toilet paper, sanitizer and other essentials.

How often does Target Restock?

Target restock days depend on the demand for the products. Items that are essentials and are in high demand are restocked daily, depending on their availability. The restocking days of items depend on the location. Perishable items are restocked close to the opening time everyday.

Target’s restock days are generally two days per week, typically on a Monday and Friday. Although it performs a daily restocking every night on some items. It receives shipments every week or daily and online products on Target.com are restocked as soon as the shipment arrived.


In general, Target restocking occurs on a daily basis which includes common items that are in high demand. This although depends on the store. The busier the store the more often the restocking occurs. Therefore, make sure you visit your local target before the supply ends, incase you live in an area which is not as busy because in that case, you would have to wait for its scheduled restocking days, as mentioned in the article.

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