When does IKEA Restock? Product Availability【Updated 2022】

IKEA Restock: IKEA is one of the world’s largest furniture retail chains. It sells readymade furniture and ready to assemble furniture pieces, along with other household products. It is Swedish-origin Dutch multinational conglomerate. It was founded by Ingvar Kamprad. It has so many stores across the globe, including Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and America. The company provides modernist design furniture at cheap prices.

When does IKEA Restock

IKEA restocks daily or weekly. The restock depends on the demand of the product and the availability of it. Notable furniture includes Poang armchair, Billy bookcase, Klippan sofas, tens of millions of which have been sold.

The company sells wood-based products with the Swedwood factory, which is the largest factory in South Poland. The furniture also uses hardwood alternatives which is, the particleboard from Hultsfred, located in the South of Sweden is its sole supplier.

To check whether the items are in stock visit, Ikea.com and click the “check in-store stock” button and get notified about it.

When does IKEA Restock?

Typically, IKEA restocks 1- 2 times a week or 1- 2 times a month. The restocking depends on the products and various factors. The smaller IKEA products are restocked on alternative days while furniture is restocked only a few times a month.

The restocking depends on the demand of the items, manufacturing time of the products, availability of styles, which are influenced by season, being discontinued, and the shipping time from the distributor’s centre.

IKEA furniture which is restocked on a weekly basis generally includes desks, tables, side tables, shelves and drawers. Plants on the other hand, are restocked daily.  IKEA offers a variation of seasonal plants which includes succulents, flowering plants, ferns, etc.

To check whether a product is in stock, one can either go to the nearest IKEA store to check the availability of it or can find it on the website. The IKEA website is called IKEA.com, where one can search by selecting the “check in-store” option.

How Often does IKEA Restock?

IKEA restocks are done every single day. The IKEA stocks are updated on its web page, IKEA.com every 24 hours. The restocking on the stores depends on the location, which might restock only 1 or 2 times a month, depending on its demand.

Generally, bigger items like beds, sofas are restocked within 1-3 weeks, homeware products and other smaller items like shelves and drawers are restocked a couple of times a  week. But IKEA’s restocking is generally affected by seasons, demands and shipping time, more recently, home office furniture is restocked more often.

How to Know If an Item is ‘Out of Stock’?

IKEA offers its products online as well. Through the online store, IKEA.com, the accurate numbers of products can be discovered. The IKEA stocks the page is updated every 24 hours. To find an item, simply click on the “check stock” button.

One can also check the availability of the product, on the website, by going to the product page, and choosing their local store option and then, clicking on the “check stock” option of that store, to see whether it’s available there.

Since the page is updated every 24 hours, the website will show if the items are “in stock” or “out of stock“. If a product at the chosen store is ‘out of stock’, you can sign up and be notified via email or text. The restock update is provided through notification.

The website provides accurate availability of stocks both in-store and online. When it comes to products that are available in single digit, the number is generally consistent. Although, one can call the store and double-check the availability, just to be sure.


To meet the ever-increasing demand, Ikea has to set up more manufacturing units, hire more staff and distributors, which takes a lot of time to establish. There has also been a lumber shortage which is the most important unit  of the furniture.

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