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The Home Depot, Inc., commonly known as Home Depot, is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States best known for products that customers usually see on the shelves like tools, equipment, and supplies for decorating, small building jobs, plumbing and gardening.

The Home Depot return policy allows customers to simply take their purchase back to any Home Depot and get their money back instantly or exchange for something else. You should make sure to bring a copy of your receipt or shipping confirmation email, credit card you used for the item and valid I.D.

Home Depot Return Policy

Home Depot Return Policy without Receipt

If you are missing your receipt then the Home Depot return policy without receipt may come in your convenience where they may be able to locate it in their system. Receipts for purchases made with a credit or debit card or by check may be located in their system within 30 days of purchase.

Receipts for purchases made with The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, or The Home Depot Commercial Account may be located in their system within 365 days of purchase. 

In case you have already opened your items bought from Home Depot and wish to return them, the Home Depot return policy for opened items will be useful for you. If you still have the original packaging, receipt, and still within 90 days, you can return most opened or used items.

Return Policy Exceptions

Although you get a generous 90 days to return any item purchased at the Home Depot Design Centre (even if with The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge or The Home Depot Commercial Account),  there are some items that are included in the 30-Day Return Policy. The following items may only be returned within 30 days of purchase:

  1. Furniture
  2. Area Rugs
  3. Gas-powered equipments and Tractors
  4. Generators (other than Whole House and Stationary Generators )
  5. Consumer Electronics ( Televisions and Computers)

Can I Return Purchased Items via Mail?

Yes, you can. The Home Depot’s RETURN ONLINE  Customer support is also available to help get your UPS return started and is available to help schedule pick up of your return items for your convenience.

Return Policy for Specific Items:

  • Return policy for plants –  everyday guarantee

A 1-year guarantee is issued for perennials, trees and shrubs. When live goods purchased online ( houseplants, holiday trees, wreaths, garlands and more) are received dead or damaged then you can contact Customer Support at 1-800-430-3376 within 3 days of delivery and Home Depot service will ship a replacement. Although this service will be provided at no charge, it does not apply to cut flowers or floral arrangements

  • Return policy on major appliances – defective or damages major appliances

Before you either accept delivery or take an order home from the store major appliance products (including refrigeration appliances washers dryers ranges dishwashers and some microwaves) should be inspected for defects or damage, if there are any you should refuse to take the product.

Once delivery is accepted or a product is removed from the store the product may be returned if the defects or damages are identified and reported to the home Depot by calling 800 455 3869 within 48 hours of delivery at the time of pick up at the service desk.

  • Return Policy on Hazardous Materials

Items that use flammable liquids and gases cannot be returned through the mail even if the item has been drained of these materials. This would include items such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers and any other items that use flammable liquids and gases. Customers are requested to return these products which are considered as hazardous to their local Home Depot store

Are there items that I cannot Return at Home Depot?

Yes. There are some items that are non refundable/ non returnable

  1. Major Appliances 
  2. Gift Cards and Store Credits 
  3. Whole House and Stationary Generators 
  4. Utility Trailers 
  5. Cut Flowers and Floral Arrangements
  6. Labor, Delivery, and/or Installation Services 
  7. Product Samples  (e.g. Paint, Flooring, Fabric, and Wallpaper)
  8. Custom Products, including custom blinds

The Home Depot’s return policy is among the best return policies available which is generous with the customer’s best interest in mind. We hope that, after reading this article you have got a clear idea of the Home Depot’s return policy. For further queries you may visit the official website of Home Depot

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