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Do you want to return the received item from the hobby lobby? Each online and offline store preserves the attached return policy for its ordered items. Are you still wondering if the Hobby Lobby Return Policy allows you can return any purchased item?

Hobby Lobby Return Policy

Hobby Lobby is a privately recognized American retail company with a frequent chain of art and craft items around 969 stores spread in forty-seven states. Customers are always welcome to return the purchased product if they find any issues.

Hobby Lobby Return Policy

Hobby Lobby takes care of the return of the “online order” as well as the “physical store” purchased item return. The store has the policy to be followed while returning the received item.

What are the fundamental instructions for the Return?

Hobby lobby customers need to follow the below-listed instructions to return the items:

  • The product or item should be in its original condition as received. The opened or used item cannot be returned.
  • Broken or defective goods received through an online order can’t be returned further to the physical store back.
  • Please contact HobbyLobby via email or call 1-800-888-0321 in case you received any damaged or defective item or even want to exchange.

Once the customer made up the mind to return the received item either online by HobbyLobby.com or by physical authorized centers or stores. What can be the process ahead followed by the company?

Online Return Policy at Hobby Lobby

The Hobby Lobby provides the return services to the customers with the following guidelines:

  • The customer is requested to be patient as the process of return and refund of the ordered item may take further two weeks.
  • The customer will receive a refund for the total cost as purchased cost including sales tax for the item.
  • The customer will get back his/her money or fund back to the same credit card used at the time of the transaction for the online purchase.
  • In case the transaction for the item has been done by gift card, the refund will be in the form of a gift card only.
  • If the purchased item is with a gift card, your refund will be in the form of a gift card.
  • Until the fault or error is from the store end, shipping and other managing charges included in the item cannot be refunded.
  • In the case of an exchange of the good, the exchange order can be processed as a new order for the item.

Are the policy guidelines the same for physical store customers? 

Return Policy at Hobby Lobby Store (or) Centers

Once the online ordered product is shipped via the site, must be returned or exchanged within 90 days to any of its nearest stores positively. Customers must follow the guidelines from the stores for the return of the purchased item :

  • The invoice should be followed with the returnable item or items for the assurance of the full billing cost getting credited to the respective hobby lobby giftcard account.
  • No shipping or other manageable charges can be refunded or returned in case of store return.
  • Customers may call at 1-800-888-0321 or directly email company to get a copy of invoice email.
  • For any type of inquiry related to the instore return of the online order, call 1-800-888-0321.
  • Please send the filled return form with the item at:

Hobby Lobby

Attention: Return

7600A SW 44th St

Oklahoma City, OK 73179 

Now you know about how to return the online ordered product at the nearest store of hobby lobby. Do you know the process to return the in-store purchased product? If not just have a look at the in-store policy.

Hobby Lobby Return Policy for Instore Purchased Item(s)

To return the in-store purchased item, need to go through the policy conduct for various aspects related to the item.

1. Based on Original receipt of billing:

  • The hobby lobby welcomes the return or exchange of the goods or item(s) within 90 days of purchase.
  • Refund must be based on the original payment method.
  • It may take 10 calendar days to check the transaction on the purchase or to credit the item’s total cost to the account.

2. Based on without Original receipt of billing:

  • In case hobby lobby return without receipt, one must have the valid Id to get the product exchanged or returned in the store.
  • The customer can get the refund based on the lowest of the last 60 days selling price based on the valid id proof.
  • The store reserve the right to limit or reject the acceptance of the return of some merchandise or in the absence of original receipt.

3. Return policy on some other items:

  • Customers can get the return or exchange on the item(s) like Silhouette and Cricut or Sewing and embroidery devices only based on the submission of the original receipt.
  • The product to be returned can be accepted only if it is not opened and used.   
  • The customer must submit the warranty claims straight to the manufacturer.

Can You Return to Hobby Lobby After 90 Days?

Hobby Lobby return policy lets you return products even after 90 days. The only thing is you need to provide the original receipt along with it. This allows you to avail of refund, exchange or even store credit to buy the different items. However, all this is acceptable only if you have the original receipt.

You can still return the item at the hobby lobby even if you don’t have the original receipt. The only thing is you can only get an exchange benefit or store credit in such cases. The hobby lobby will give you the lowest value in the past 60 days when you choose store credit.

Another major thing you need to notice is, you can return an item you purchased from the website to any physical location. However, the store doesn’t accept any refund that is worth more than $250. You need to ship back by yourself as orders valuing more than $250 is considered a bulk purchase.

Received Damaged or Defective Item?

In case you received a damaged or broken item, you must immediately inform customer service by calling 1-800-888-0321 for the return.

Note: You can contact the company by email or customer care at 1-800-888-0321 for any type of issues with the ordered item from the hobby lobby as per the schedule mentioned below:

Monday to Friday (8:00 am–5:00 pm as per Central Time).

Want to Exchange the Item?

In case you want to exchange the item, as per the hobby lobby exchange policy you have to place a new order for the item and you must return the previous item for a refund.


Thus, the arts and crafts retailer is very much flexible for returns if you wish to. But, you need to meet all the terms of the Hobby Lobby Return Policy. The story policy accepts returns for both online and offline purchases and exchanges as well. Users can choose to return or exchange within the time period and avail the benefits.

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