Augusta Solid Waste Management District temporarily suspends plastic recycling collection

Augusta Solid Waste Management District is going to rescind the collection of plastic recycling temporarily from 1st September. 

Augusta collection site has been performing the task of collecting plastic for recycling for a long period since 2011.   They are going to suspend this process from 1st September 2022 to 31st January 2023. 

They arranged a poll on 12th August so that the directors of the Augusta Solid Waste Management District Board could vote to let them know their opinion about this matter. 

They all approved the decision of suspending the collection of plastic for recycling by taking advice from solid waste professionals.  This will help the District to find out other ways for the market. 

The suspension will also help to evaluate the reuse and other monetary effects on the restricted funding of the District. 

They have also informed us that all the other services and recycling collection will continue as before.